im电竞游戏入口官网(im电竞游戏选手2.5.7): Live Online or Classroom

The  classroom dates  are shown below. All other dates shown under 'Book im电竞游戏入口官网(im电竞游戏选手2.5.7)s' on the right hand side will be delivered in a live online format. 

  • London: 21-22 Nov
  • New York - 5-6 Dec

im电竞游戏入口官网(im电竞游戏选手2.5.7) Objectives 

CPD Certified

This interactive course provides participants with an understanding of the key performance indicators and main balance sheet and income statement accounts for banks. 


Key Learning Outcomes:  

  • Understand the risks in the different business lines and products offered by financial institutions and how they are reflected in the financial statements
  • Analyze the components of bank financial statements and key ratios used in bank analysis
  • Understand the impact of differing accounting standards and policies (e.g. provisioning, asset valuation, securitization, etc.) on the financial statements
  • Use the CAMELS framework (capital, asset quality, management, earnings, liquidity and sensitivity to market risk) and related key ratios to make a preliminary assessment of the performance and financial health of a bank

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for analysts who have limited or no experience in the analysis of financial statements for financial institutions.

Further Learning

This course leads into the following intermediate level courses: 

Certificate Option

This course can also be taken alongside Intensive Bank Analysis, to form the Certificate in Bank Analysis.