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This course is six hours long. Please get in touch for exact start and finish times for a particular course date.​

im电竞游戏入口官网(im电竞游戏选手2.5.7) Objectives  CPD Certified

Communication in the workplace is increasingly done via the written word. With different perspectives, personalities and priorities it is no wonder that communicating effectively can be a challenge. Whether you write mainly emails, reports, proposals, this one day course will provide you with tools and techniques to help ensure your writing has the impact you desire as well as leaving your audience with the impression you intended.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Prepare materials that motivate readers to take action
  • Structure documents and transmit clear messages
  • Write in a concise style that makes your desired impact
  • Recognize smart business writing
  • Improve your own writing objectively

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for all professionals. As writing is the most common form of communication, all professionals can increase their personal brand and reputation with excellent writing skills.  

Day One
Planning and Structuring Effective Writing
  • Organise and structure your thoughts
  • Clarify the purpose of writing and the action you require readers to take
  • Wrap your message into the pervading culture and focus on the specific audience
  • Anticipate readers' needs and wants - reflecting the expectations of different client groups, such as Fund Managers, external clients, senior leadership, and cross departmental sponsors
  • Identify and deliver the core financial messages within a proposal
  • Deliver key messages with impact so that professionals who are time constrained remember them
Best Practice for Writing
  • Establish standards for writing for the finance sector - language, tone and style
  • Recognize individual writing styles and what they imply
  • Create a best practice model for all business writing
Text and Subtext
  • Language, tone and style
  • Understand the impact that subtext can have on readers
  • Ensure your writing is clear; simplicity and professionalism rule
Write it right
  • Write tight, effective sentences by reducing unnecessary wordage
  • Summarise long passages easily
"Spilling", "Grammer", and "Pungtuation"
  • Identify frequently used punctuation errors
  • Learn tips on how to self-edit